Prosperous Equilibrium

MY MENTOR by Paul L T Mara

I originally began writing a short book on Prosperous Equilibrium around the year 2000, the following is an updated version with minor changes.

I was Introduced To Prosperous Equilibrium Unwittingly By My MentorHOW IT BEGAN: In 1986 after my father passed away I meet a friend and client of his who was a very humble self made millionaire and we became very close and unwittingly he became my mentor and I remember I would spend as much time as possible with him when he visited New Zealand.

What he shared with me over those years I named “Prosperous Equilibrium” as it was a balanced way of enjoying a happy and prosperous life style.

He shared with me something that would totally change my life.
These were his words, “There are several factors involved in creating for oneself a level of Freedom, Security and Independence”, he continued, “I believe to be successful you need a balance of at least four key factors”
His reasoning was clear simple and prioritised.

So what was his first key factor?
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Sharing Is Caring

Paul L T Mara Shares How To Live your Life to the FullestDuring my 68 years I have been truly blessed and I feel it is time to give back and share my experiences and thoughts.
As I have always told my children “Sharing is Caring”, therein lies my passion for sharing by writing all these articles about different experiences and I would like to think will help others.

My Three Pearls Of Oceania!

This is what I call these three unique places in the world, true jewels of Oceania that I have domiciled and worked in, New Zealand, Australia and my heritage and culture Tahiti.
Have you ever been fortunate enough to visit any of these places? No!
Well seeing is believing, just imagine I have lived and worked there and what I have experienced I want to share.
So therein lies my reason that I call them “My Three Pearls Of Oceania”!

Personal Achievements

There are numerous personal achievements that I am proud of and often I feel humbled by the fact that I have been able achieve them thanks to so many wonderful people in my past who believed in me and stood by me.

An example is the fact that I am fluent in three languages, English, French and Tahitian my native language and this is thanks to my Tonton Hiro (Uncle sadly he has passed away) who made sure when I went to Tahiti that I became fluent in French and Tahitian, maururu and merci Tonton!

I am also thankful that my father introduced me to what was to become my true passion in life.

What Was It?

Well in my next post I will explain, thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Have a fantastic day and come back soon…