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Prosperous Equilibrium

MY MENTOR by Paul L T Mara

I originally began writing a short book on Prosperous Equilibrium around the year 2000, the following is an updated version with minor changes.

I was Introduced To Prosperous Equilibrium Unwittingly By My MentorHOW IT BEGAN: In 1986 after my father passed away I meet a friend and client of his who was a very humble self made millionaire and we became very close and unwittingly he became my mentor and I remember I would spend as much time as possible with him when he visited New Zealand.

What he shared with me over those years I named “Prosperous Equilibrium” as it was a balanced way of enjoying a happy and prosperous life style.

He shared with me something that would totally change my life.
These were his words, “There are several factors involved in creating for oneself a level of Freedom, Security and Independence”, he continued, “I believe to be successful you need a balance of at least four key factors”
His reasoning was clear simple and prioritised.

So what was his first key factor?
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