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This is part two of the article where social media networking shows how the Internet and Technology have changed advertising forever.

So Please Read On – Thank You Again Paul L T Mara

Online Social Networking

Social media networking is now the word of mouth technology which has removed all barriers when it comes to strategies for business promotion especially now as the world becomes your market, of course depending on your product or service.

The first two Facebook and Twitter I call the “Thirty Second Wonders”, why you ask, well it’s simply this if you have a large number of friends on either then 30 seconds after you made your post you wonder where it’s gone.

OK maybe I exaggerate a little but try it next time, you will be surprised.

Google+ is very powerful simply because Google are the most powerful search engine by far and if set up correctly “Word of Mouth” moves swiftly.

The last three Linkedin, StumbleUpon and Tumblr these sites are great ways of promoting and according to the latest stats Linkedin is the favourite. These are free but like most things that are free there are limits, but in saying that they are great and you can upgrade if you wish at anytime.

Yes, if you can afford it of course you can advertise on television or even the radio.

The Internet now leads the way with so many great opportunities for anyone and everyone; you could almost say they are limitless.

Before my son and began to ponder our new online business venture we were aware how crucial that advertising on the Internet would be to our business’s success.

There are millions if not billions of individuals who are connected to the Internet at any given time around the world, what an unbelievable market place. The web has opened doors and opportunities that I could only have dreamed about back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s when I had all my different businesses in three different countries.


This is why we have included several website ideas and opportunities as part of our new business venture. We understood the importance of web presence for our business so why not offer the same to our future clientele.

Our first thought was simply, how can we produce the best personal websites for our clientele and yet make it affordable?Social Media Online Marketing Strategy

Our second thought was small business marketing on the internet in other words like our business how can we create small business websites for our clientele and also make it affordable?

Thirdly I myself had been using blog technology very successfully since October 2010 and there are millions who would also like a website for blogging.

As I mentioned I had been using blog technology and had tested, researched and evaluated for nearly two years with fantastic results, so why not use that technology to help create the best websites at affordable prices.


They all became a reality at extremely competitive prices, with special promotions.

Blog Whisperer Comment

There are many companies that are offering free websites and websites for blogging and I believe that’s fantastic that everyone has a chance to get some form of web presence, this can also act as a learning curve, so I think it’s a great way to start as I did, especially if money is an issue.

I will finish by reiterating what I mentioned above, that free is fine but it does have restrictions and limitations, simply because you are not the owner your rights are limited, if you want to be totally in control of your web presence take up one of our special offers while they last.

You can then take full advantage of your web presence today!

This Is “The Blog Whisperer” Signing Off, Till Next Time

Not everyone has an online web presence, but they should!


I am sure some of you after reading this article are still asking why I stated that advertising hasn’t changed, am I right?

Simply this, since the first advertising began “Word Of Mouth” has always given the best results, you watch a movie you like you tell your friends, true, yes we all do it the only difference today is that you do it on Facebook, Twitter or one of the other social media networks, so that hasn’t changed only now technology makes it easier and quicker but it is still good old fashioned Please Read On – Thank You Paul L T Mara I lay my case to rest, I hope you enjoyed my two part article and come back soon and thanks again for taking the time to read another one of my articles. Read Part One Again Here…

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